7 Incredibly unique, and.. uh…weird apps that you just might love!

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So, lately I’ve really been at a crossroads as far as what the next blog post should be about. Then, I came across a video of a guy wearing those Kanye-inspired, window-blind-looking sunglasses (that I could never seem to pull off for some reason!), talking about a pretty cool app that lets you record yourself, and then apply the recording to a keyboard for full-scale sampling/playback.

“Where’s your will to be weird?” Jim Morrison

The guy’s app review style was playful and very oddball’ish, and I thought, “That’s it! I  need to write about some apps with personalities like this guy..” A very random and weird way to get inspiration for a blog post, but..it’s fitting isn’t it? :)

<rant> If there’s one thing I love about the mobile app development community, it’s that everywhere you look, you’re inspired to create something new and innovative. There are tons of duplicated apps out there: fart apps, calculators, flashlights, alarm clocks, etc etc.. And yes those apps are necessary, but I personally appreciate the apps that make you react like you just saw a short haired llama eating a box of Lucky Charms. (or something to that effect.. haha!) </rant>

Have a great idea for a completely weird, and unique app? Let us know!

So, without further a due, check out these 7 completely weird and unique apps! To see more details or to download from the iTunes store, click on the title of each app. Disclaimer: Not all of these are free!



And here it is..the app that’s reviewed by the Kanye-inspired sunglasses guy! I’m sure there’s quite a few other apps similar to this one, but hey, this guy’s review style was just too quirky to ignore so had to feature it.. Love the “Bye” he throws in at the end. haha! Gold.



Amongst all of the unique, weird apps I came across, this one is my personal favorite.

You can make ANY portrait photo come to life instantly with this app. Watch the person in your photo come alive, and even follow your finger with his/her eyes as you drag it across your iPhone screen!

How cool is this idea?? Really, you’ve got to watch the video here to really see how amazing this app is. Truly impressive:


Parra Plays

This colourful, somewhat 80’s-inspired app contains 3 mini-games that you’ve seen around before, except redone in a fantastical cloud + star + lightning way!

Taken from the iTunes app description:


It’s like a touch screen version of “Whac-A-Mole.” Touch the clouds before they pop! Sounds easy enough, right? Keep playing…


Loosely based on “Simon Says,” but with a twist. You think you can break 100? Yeah right!


Very similar to the classic “Memory” card game. Uncover the matching cards. The faster you do it, the better your score!



Now this is the definition of a ‘niche’ app. Do you have a fetish for seeing glitches? Or, do you get a kick out of the idea of fooling your friends into thinking they broke your iPhone? If either of the above apply, check this one out!


Chariso (bike rider)

Think Excite Bike meets your favorite black+white doodling app. This game is very, very simple, and somehow pretty addicting.

But, the REAL reason I have this app here is because of another funny, weird-sunglass-wearing dude is reviewing it! :) More gold + love his reactions when his game character dies.


Graffiti Analysis

Now, THIS is a bada** app. Let’s step away from the weird-but-cool apps for a second and get back into the world of cool, free apps. This app was this-close -> || <- to getting into the Top 15 Free Cool Apps post I wrote a while back, but seeing as how unique this app is, I had to save it for this one.

You can paint graffiti art with your finger, and then see, and play with your creation in 3D. Thickness of your line is determined by the speed of your ‘finger painting’, 3D depth determined by time. Absolutely cool. If you appreciate art or graffiti at all, you must check this one out!



This app was actually quite popular for a good amount of time, but if you hadn’t heard of it yet, read on!

This is a very simple yet powerful app that you can use to show off your iPhone’s capabilities to your friends & family. This app simulates a ‘steamed’ effect on your iPhone’s screen that you can wipe off, and even blow into your iPhone to re-steam the screen!

Check it out here:

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  2. I know you probably have to disagree, but if you can’t beat them, join them.

  3. Great informative post. This is exactly what I needed to read. Thanks :)

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